Unknown Error “-2147012865” when signing a ClickOnce manifest

Recently, we came across the following issue when attempting to sign a VSTO Add-In with a code-signing certificate: An error occurred while signing: Unknown error “-2147012865” Any search of the error message brought up related answers but not ones specific to this particular error number. Although I can’t be sure of the error number, I…More

How to easily get an authentication token to your Office 365 Tenant

I have been developing a backend service that requires a Microsoft Graph token passed up from the frontend. During this development, I have been using Postman to do the call, and have used a simple SPA with authentication to give me a token to my development tenant.

This has been a pretty annoying way to do things when the token expires every half an hour or so, meaning I need to generate another.More

Dynamic content for email signatures in Outlook (an exercise in being lazy)

Every second week at OnePlace Solutions, our very enthusiastic marketing manager tells everyone in the company to update their email signature. Typically it is just changing the image below our name to show what event we are at next, or highlighting a particular product or feature recently worked on. The image is also hyperlinked to…More